Sunday, 25 May 2014


I had a great week I truly did, So there has been some really uplifting things i have heard something that happened about this recent convert who has only been a member for 5 months and he has already read the Book of Mormon 2 times the Pearl of Great Price 3 times and the Doctrine and Covenants 2 times and also a Marvelous work and wonder, And has already been going to the temple to do Baptisms a few times, he has truly embraced the gospel and that brings me so much joy to hear that. 
Another experience happened quite a while ago and is that our Ward Mission Leader had Spinal Meningitis and while he was serving in Japan and he was very sick and before he got the spinal meningitis, he had been working with this family teaching this woman however he could never see the husband ever because he was so busy, well when he got that sick he had to obviously go to hospital to be operated on and the person who was operating on him was the husband of the woman, he shared some of the gospel with him and then after the operation he went and taught him with the mission President, he went on Trade off with the Mission president well the woman, the husband and the kids got baptized and they are still in contact with him now 15 years on. So My Book of Mormon reading has been going really well lately and I am reading in the Book of Alma, I'm on Alma 21, but I was reading in Alma 17 about the Sons of Mosiah. it made me think of an experience I had so i had just joined the church, and my other friend had, we were with a few of our member friends, sitting outside in the garden and having marshmellows over a fire, just reading the sons of Mosiah story, before we were kind of party boys, but we did not need alcohol to have a good time, just friends the scriptures and marshmellows and we had a blast. So also the last week on my mission has been great because we have been able to play a lot of Basketball and I was able to drop another 8 (3)  pointer shots in a row but in a big missionary game, I was shocked but definitely happy with the performance. So I was able to help give service this week to a Widow with 8 children, we were able to do her whole garden for her the 3 of us, and really quickly and do and good job, I went super hard to help this family as they really needed it, but then it made me feel guilty of all the times I never helped my family, but now I have learnt how to give service and mean it and I look forward to serving my family when I get back and giving them my all, as I know will go and give the rest of the time I have here on my mission it's all. Also when we were out finding we got into the richest home, this multi-millionaire property to teach a lesson, and then get on this other home, in that reach area we got a return appointment with this woman my 1st rich potential from the start of my mission, she broke down on us at the door and started crying it was really sad, but we reassured her that the message we share can and will help her, so was so thankful, she started then crying thanking us for all that we done, and then we saw her in the evening as she was jogging and she started to cry again thanking us, :) I even got to speak some Italian to her and she was like 'You are a Legend' she was so impressed by me speaking some Italian to her, just the basics, it's nice to meet you, what is your name etc etc! So I have also learnt more Tongan this week, my favourite is when the Tongan members tell us 'Eat Elders Eat' and I Love being able to speak Some Tongan to people :) I also learnt a bit more Serbian!!! I Love to learn languages, it's so much fun!!! So we also Taught a very powerful restoration lesson yesterday to this Muslim, that we were all crying, as I shared my testimony about the Book of Mormon, I started to cry, and the others did as well, then this Chinese member we were with shared his testimony it was so powerful and he started to cry, in his broken English, he shared about the missionaries finding him in Taiwan and how when he prayed he received such a strong answer. Also yesterday, I set a Baptismal Date for July 5th My companion was talking to this other man and I was talking with Amir, from Iran, who I have taught a few times, well when talking to Amir, I asked him had would you  feel if you were able to follow the savior more in your life, he said I would Love to, I then committed him to baptism, and even if I'm not in this area then, that's completely fine as I know I have played about in helping him get to the waters of baptism, also, It's not my baptism it's the Lords, but it's super exciting that he will be baptized, that is the date that works best for him. It is awesome as well as because Arash is from Iran and is a recent Convert and also Max is a recent convert from Iran, and they are all good friends, we are baptizing Iran, but seriously so many people from Iran are joining it is awesome and there were 3 other guys from Iran came to church the other week and that is why I have been learning to speak more Farsi (Persian) It makes them super happy. Also I'm confident we will set another date this week with Georgie the one with the young baby, the one who said, 'I did not have the church in my life until this guy' pointing to me, well it is sad as she is not with her partner anymore, but she is more then ready to be baptized and we are having dinner with her this Thursday evening so hopefully if it feels right we will commit her to be baptized on June the 14th, the day i get to Skype home, what a day that would be :)  I know that I need to have a better Attitude about everything and all, I want to show you something cool with Attitude, so take the the letters from 'Attitude' and what number are they in the Alphabet? A is number 1 for example T is the 20th number in the Alphabet etc. 

A = 1 
T = 20
T = 20
I = 9 
T = 20
U = 21 
D = 4 
E = 5 

Add them ALL together and you get 100% and that's what I will give for the rest of my mission here in Australia, I treasure this time serving.

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