Sunday, 11 May 2014

How to Make A Polynesian Happy

We had a great week, We are just still trying to re-build up the area, It's been a struggle, but we are doing all we can to try and find new people to teach and all :) We have been teaching some awesome people from the Middle East this week, we just found them while out Knocking, but it is definitely something i enjoy, sometimes It goes a lot quicker then other times :P please keep praying for us that we can keep on having the strength to get through, as I feel just wrecked some days hahahah, well actually everyday hahaa I don't know How i get through, my body has really taken a toll. I Love it I have to go to the island food shop again, the Polynesian's Love it when I can smash so much food and they just wonder were does it go, My Samoan companion is so impressed by it as eat way more food then him!!!! If you want to make a Polynesian happy honestly the key my Love is just to eat hahaha, keep on eating :) So this week a massive Mission thing is happening we are having a mission tour, President Hamula of the South Pacific Presidency is coming for a Mission visit. So everything is has to be in top order :) that is happening this coming Thursday so we are very excited to that, I think I'm going to Nerang back to the GC those crazy days of the Gold Coast, good times :) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jollie have a place in Nerang they were here making a movie a while ago in the Port of Brisbane, where I have been :) So that was pretty cool to find that out :) Also it was fun this week, we were playing Basketball as normal and we had a game first to 21 points all on all I don't know how I managed this but I won straight away as I hit 7  three (3) pointer shots in a row to win hahhaha never again though :P well I have done it before now but not in a game :P just gotta keep on making that money :P So also we went to the temple, well the Chung Tian Buddhist temple that is as my Companion wanted to go and that was pretty awesome. Also this week we went on a Trade off and I went with my other friend Elder Kisner from Idaho, the amount of people I'm starting to meet from Idaho :D well we had a great day and no joke Dog Catcher 3 happened :P in the park as we were playing Basketball after going for this run we noticed this dog, as I went to catch it he just took his business next to me it, it looked so awkward haahhaha, like if you has seen it i know you would crack up laughing, like it was time for that awkward elevator music to come on, you should have seen my face :P 
So I wanted to share something that at the time really made me smile, so I was at a Part-member families home, a family who love me dearly and I Love them dearly, who I'm very close with here, they live in the Ghetto hahah, I got them to the Stake Activity to hear me speak which went really well by the way and that was the first time the woman had been in church for years :) and also they have like 30 pets in this tiny house and every time I go there I just get Guinea Pigs launched at me for me to catch :p well we were talking about height and all, So the Woman wanted to find out the height of her Father, so she text her brother to ask about how tall her Dad was and he text her back about said 3ft,she burst at laughing and well it turns out he was that height because he had his legs amputated when he had to go to Hospital for something, so when he went to Hospital and when he woke up he did not know what had happened and the doctors were like we have some terrible news we had to amputate both your legs, the first thing he says is 'Well at least I won't need Socks for Christmas this year'' Hahah I thought what a champion, to have something so bad happen and yet take it so well :D He just a smile on his face!!! That is it's done :)
Hope you enjoyed this email. 

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