Monday, 5 May 2014

Fun Times With the Companions

 All is going really great here :D So with Transfers, I stayed :D I'm really surprised that I stayed :) But I'm so happy and I'm still with Elder Elisara :) Elder Elisara really wanted me to stay with him and was praying that I would stay and I did :) So I'm happy and we got on really great, we are having crazy times with each other, we are so loud hahaha, the neighbors hate us, all 4 of us are so crazy together, it's so much fun though, in fact one night we were so loud that apparently the neighbors were banging on the wall with a shoe but we could not hear it hahah :P also last night was fun, but yesterday day time we just stayed in, as my companion was sick, so I just lay on the sofa with a blanket and heater,, it's soooooooo cold here hahaha, Like I'm wrecked, there were 3 of us under the blankets with the heater on for study time  hahaha, it's so cold :P   Also with the accents, so when the French AP used to be here, when he was teaching he, when he would say Apostles, he would say like 'Apple Sauce' so I sounded like Jesus Christ, ordained the Apple Sauce instead of Apostles :P and also I was so surprised to see Caitlyn Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I got the shock of my life hahhaah, I was soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!! it was so unexpected, she might come and see me this Sunday on Mothers day here, with the kids which would be awesome. It's going to  start to get real cold here soon, well I guess in Aussie standards anyways, I guess I came from a cold country, but I won't truly know cold until I hit up byui Next year :) So I just got another Lava Lava hahaha!!!!!! Going to be rocking it hard :) 

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