Sunday, 27 April 2014

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

So I have had a great few last days, so this is the week i will find out about Transfers and what not, I will receive a call on Sunday night and the Transfer meeting will be happening next week mostly like on the Tuesday. So this coming Friday, I'm involved in a night like a fireside thing called 'I Hope they Call me on a Mission'' It is being held in a different ward, but I'm the main speaker, this random guy came up to from this other ward, I hear your the English Elder that just joined not that long ago we had a chat and he was like you will be perfect to talk, can you do it then, I was like for sure, It goes on for a few hours, because after the talk 20 mins there will be a few workshops and all So i will have any one thinking of a mission in my class and doing some work shops with them :) So Guess what Amery, the dog catcher strikes again, I caught another dog on Friday night hahahaha!!!! I know I have to become a professional Dog catcher now, It's obviously a sign :P well what happened were we were cycling near some woods on a back road and this dog just runs out of nowhere, I jump off my bike chase after him, I manage to grab him and just sit with him for like half an hour, making some phone calls, but it's night and like 8:30 pm and all the places are closed luckily the owner drives by and pulls over, I return the dog and had a chat with the owner, then she said the kids have been crying and crying they will be soooo happy that the dog is back, I found out the dog was called Eazy, you see the dog had no collar or name tag or anything, but all I know is that is was a lot easier to catch then the last :) So this week was also cool as I got some Basketball shoes giving to me, I got some 'Air Jordans' just handed to me, from this less active member, he plays basketball for Queensland, and is going to play for Australia some day :) That was pretty awesome!!! Then I also got a Lava Lava, it is what Islander's wear, you can probably Google, it my companion gave it to me, it's fresh from Samoa and Orange haha!!! Then also last Friday was a National Holiday, a pretty big Holiday here in Australia called 'ANZAC' day :) I also got to go on a Dirt Bike on like Thursday and that was super cool, that was a lot of fun :)

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