Sunday, 13 April 2014

Many Humbling Experiences

So with the week, It has been really great, we are just rebuilding the area now 'so to speak' just trying to do a lot of finding, like getting people to teach and helping them progress, so the upcoming week, we will also be just finding as well, I found some one to teach by going up to them and challenging them to a game of Basketball, winning, then we were just talking left him with my number, got a phone call from him that he wants to learn more about the Church :) So will try and see him sometime! Also it was crazy, so last week, i had to bring my bike into to the shop to get it fixed up and it cost my whole Monthly allotment, like all of it, so now I'm broke :P It will be an interesting rest of the month, but the Lord provides, last night we had 2 dinners :) and I have been able to do some cool spiritual thoughts. So I Loved Conference!! I took so many notes!  I got like 20 pages hahah!!!!!
I truly am Loving it here!!!! I really am and I love the people, just Love the people I meet and It just makes me so happy, I Love finding people and coming up with different ways on how to, like even when we had the car, we would pull up at the light, I would roll down the window and just start talking to the person in the car next to me, then get a pamphlet and extended my arm out the window and give it to them :) So with Conference, it also mentioned about a Premature baby, weighing just over 2 pounds, and picture of it came up, this made me think of my circumstance, I don't know if you know but I was premature, but by 3 months, I was actually meant to be born in June!!! and I weighed Under 2 pounds and was on like life support for first year of my life and My mum came and visited me every single day!!! it was in like magazines and newspaper i Believe, maybe even on TV, you can ask my mum more about it, I'm not sure about if all the details are correct, but It was pretty Intense, but it Inspired me and It is such a Testimony builder to me, when I did not believe in a God and I remembered back to being told and got shown pictures of how bad a condition I was in, it just made me think I'm here for a reason :)
So With Conference, I'm writing up my notes on it later, as I was writing them so fast like, the page was on fire, It was so messy, that Now I'm writing it back up but neatly so as I go over more it is a good reminder and also I will be able to share more.
So Also a random thing happened this week, I was out finding and saw some Chinese man doing some Garden work, I try talking to him but he speaks only a little English, he picks some random plant thing of the Ground and just say's the word 'Eat' and like says it a few times, I try it and it was just the worst thing I have no idea what it was hahaha, it just tasted super bad haaha I'm sure watching my face would have been great, just telling him, Ahhh Thank you so much, It's so goood haha!
So Also I was able to do something really great, I got a phone call at about 9.30pm and I found out there was a girl on her mini mission, she had came up from the Gold Coast and that she was in Emergency in Hospital, and I had to go with the others in my flat and I was able to give her a Blessing :) It was such an amazing experience, I found she had to go back home because of what happened, she collapsed but that She recovered really well, and we were just sitting by her talking to her and reassuring her that She will be fine, It was such a touching and humbling moment. 
Just before I go I want to share a quick story with you, that I Love and it is really touching and all, It gets me every time, and it made me think about us talking about the Resurrection the other week and all and I have probably told you before so there was this Severely Disabled man, and He had to be helped his whole life doing like everything, and he needed so much support, well one day he went to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead and he had to be helped and be lowered into the water etc, well after he was Baptized and went down into the water and came back up, he said 'My whole life I have been helped in everything that I do, and for the first time in my life I was able to help someone else do something' It was so touching as he said that he was weeping. It made me think that although he has a Disability and all that in the Resurrection he will receive a perfect and glorified Body, I thought of the scripture in Alma Chapter 40 verse 23 and then I thought about how this Gospel is for every single person no matter what and how we will all be resurrected, then I thought of the scripture in 2nd Nephi Chapter 26 and it is verse 33, that this is for everyone. I Love this gospel and I Love how much joy it brings us as individuals, about this story about the man and the resurrection it made me think of the talk at conference by D Todd Christoffersen  well I thought of his talk yesterday in Conference, about the resurrection and all. I will keep on trying to expand my scripture knowledge, I really hope that it does not fade away! 

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