Thursday, 17 April 2014

Instrument in the Lord's Hand

So the other night, I had an awesome experience, so i saw some guy setting up a Telescope in his Garden, and went over and started to speaking to him, and started talking about the Telescope with him, asking him what he was doing, he said that there was an Eclipse happening in just a few hours, I asked him If we could come back to look at it using the telescope and he said that we were more then welcome! So we come back like we said we would a few hours later, and we look at it and it was awesome, It was really great, then I starting speaking to him about God and and he starts opening up to us, then as the conversation continues, he starts to Break down crying and he tells me the most deepest things ever, about his life, that he has never told anyone and just says that he knew we were meant to come by and find him, then as he is crying, I ask him would you like a Hug, everyone needs a Hug, so I go and give him a hug :) It was so great, he was so thankful, and then we all had pizza hahah, and then he wants us to come again and see him another day :) Ahhh It's been really great to be able to help and just to be an instrument in the Lord's hand!!! I just Love it!!!! and my personal studies the last few morning have been so rewarding :) I have been studying my General Conference notes for 20mins then, Then I read the Book of Mormon for 20mins and then I studied something from Preach My Gospel for the last 20mins and for example, I know I need to be more Humble, so I was studying Humility today, then I'm able to link them all together, because There will always be similar and  relevant things in each of the areas.
At the moment, I have no plans either, I was thinking maybe that maybe with Easter and all, they might be doing something different, but at the moment, I don't think that they are! So as for the rest of this week, I will be out there knocking on those doors, finding those people who are ready for us to teach and all, and it is still pretty hot here even in Mid-April, It was like 31 degrees out :) Which I Love :)

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