Sunday, 6 April 2014


My week was amazing  it always great! and we have just been teaching quite a few different people, so this girl georgie and her partner Patrick they are both 18 and have a kid, i believe i mentioned it a while ago, well when we were teaching my new companion asked to Georgie how did you find out about the church like when did it come into your life and she looked and pointed to me and said 'This Guy' although with Georgie how family are members they have been inactive and never went to church and never mentioned it either, then we found then and have started to reactivate them, they all come to church now and Georgie still wants to get baptized, but just needs to get married first, but on her wedding day whenever that may be with Patrick, that will be so great because after she can get baptized and they can raise there little boy in the church :) So I found out some News I spoke to my Mission President and I WILL BE BACK IN 1 YEAR, I FLY BACK HOME THE 8TH OF APRIL NEXT YEAR!!!! <3


  1. Hey, could you let Sam know Kasun said hello, thank you :)

    1. Yes I can! Im sure he would love to hear that! :)