Sunday, 30 March 2014

Great New Companion

 It has been a really great week, me and my new companion and getting on super great and he does not want me to get transferred in the future he is having fun and we have a new guy in the flat this is his 4th day out and he is great from NZ his fist language is Mauri. So in the last few days it has been really great, I'm actually super lucky I'm here, Friday Night was so close for me like dying because of this crazy driver, I literally missed this car by an inch, my companion, thought I was about to get hit, It scared him hahaha, he was so scared because it was directly in front of him, just this car speeding so fast and coming out!! After we were just like Ohhhhhh That was way to close!!!!!!! Like It was Intense! But I was so thankful I was being looked out for :) My last companion Elder Naumann had a bike crash where he came off and went through a metal fence and I just jumped off my bike to see if he was ok, I thought i would be laughing but It was the last thing that came to my mind about it being funny, looking back we crack up about it, but at the time...........but he was ok, then A car pulled up next to us and was like 'My son in the book of Mormon Musical'' It was so random haha, then I went over to her car and started talking to them in the window had an awesome chat and then shared about how much joining the church has changed my life :)
So it was super funny the other day as we got picked up by some non member and an inactive we are working with they are our friends and they ended up taking us to the dodgiest looking hotel!!!!! we did not go it, we just waited outside while we saw one guy go through the drawers to get something hahah! Then we went to Mackie D's (McDonalds) It was so suspicious though :P It was so funny! :P some really random things happen!!! 
 So I got someone else with the hot sauce, I was on trade off with my Zone Leader, he used to be the AP here and we got on super well we are good friends and he is also from Sydney, well I was like I have made you some Brownies, covered one in the hot sauce, said it was like a jelly on top and he ate then I just watched laughing there is a video of him hahaha!!! It's so funny :P
So Lately we keep finding like Inactive members on the street and One of them we found it was a young couple with a young baby and they told us to come back, and we went back and they were not in, but the brother of the couple came out and we have been teaching him a few times since his background in Cook Island, and That has been really great, but for now we have been working with many Less Actives and getting them back to church :) and yesterday night was awesome as we were cycling back and met a few people that could speak Arabic so we spoke to them and one of the guys was from the UK and was from Wales and was fluent in Welsh and we are going to meet up with him in like next week :)
So my Companion is fluent Samoan, and I just love being around PI's Pacific Islanders :) It's so much fun!!! and we have been sharing so many cool Spiritual Thoughts with them.
So It's awesome while knocking doors you never know the kind of people you run into this one guy, really wanted to start his own religion with us called 'Wockism' named after himself and the stuff he was telling us was just funny as, made no sense :P So we just went to the sports barber I did not get a haircut, but I ended up getting a Queensland Snapback :) I Love my snapbacks it will be fun when we can where them together and just mess around and have fun!!! I'm also going to eventually get a Queensland Hoody they are both like a burgundy colour. I just look more forward to growing out my hair again haha!! Then after the sport barber, we went to the island shop, and then we went and got pizza and had brownies and smashed lunch, just went hard!!!!!

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