Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Month of March!

So i can't believe that March is here already!!!!!!! and It has been a great start already as you know with me being able to Baptize Chelsie!!!! I was so nervous leading up to it, but then as soon as I walked down to the steps into the water in my whites, everything felt right and all of my nerves left me!!! FELT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It was the coolest experience, I have been so blessed to have Found, Taught and Baptized Chelsie :) and Chelsie's friend is getting baptized her name is Neve, she passed the interviews and all, but just felt she was not ready at the time, but she is now getting baptized on the 29th of March, so that will be super exciting and all and also we have another baptism meant for that day as well so 2 for the end of this month with Baker a 9 year boy we have been teaching :) and the work has been going sooo well like crazily good, we have been having a lot of success, we always have at least 3 people minimum come to sacrament meeting every week, and another one of our investigators came also and also We have been working with an Inactive called Ezra he is 23 and has not been to church in just over 9 years and for the first time in that time, we got him to church :) It was the most wonderful thing to see him there, where he belongs :) and it helps as he loves us, we love seeing him and re-teaching him everything :)
So March is such an exciting month, as My 300 day mark is coming up and also double digits, 10 months and my 20th and then my 2 year mark since I got Baptized and joined the church, then Mothers Sunday is coming up at the end of this month, for the UK that is.  That is super exciting that Danny got into both BYU's I Knew he would and I was thinking about him and when he was actually going to find out so I really appreciate that Thank you for telling me :) made me think of the weirdest food that I have tasted, such as rattlesnake, Ostrich, Shark, Buffalo, Frog Legs, Kangaroo ;), Alligator etc :P I'm surprised I have eaten all of that, I'm going to try Camel soon ;)  So It was also awesome, as we were knocking on this one door and this elderly English Lady came to the door and I explained I was from England we had a little chat and left her with a pamphlet with our name and number and said if she needed anything for us to call, well we got a voice mail the other day from her saying I met 'Two Lovely young Gentlemen, the other day, and I would love to come to church' so we are going to see her tomorrow and we have already sorted a ride out for her, to come to church, so hopefully she will still be able to come :)

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