Sunday, 9 March 2014

Surprise Baptism!

So Yes I had a surprise Baptism :) I baptized someone again 2 in a week hahahha!!! It was soooo incredible, please show Joe the pictures of me, in the white :) So i was going to tell you about this girl we had been teaching called Ally, but I was going to tell you next email, this reason being is because she is going back to Malayasia to Kulua Lumpur and we has been teaching her, I committed her to baptism about 1 month ago and she said not right now but that one day she would get baptized. So then we were teaching her on Thursday and she said next Friday I'm going back to Malayasia, and I said well you know you still have time to get baptized before you go back, we have taught you everything now, and I know that your ready, she then said I know I'm ready I want to get baptized, we discussed about her being baptized before she goes back and she said she would think about it so on Friday, we got a call from her Boyfriend saying she had made her decision and she wanted to get baptized, so we went to see her later that day and said, do you want to be baptized tomorrow on Saturday and confirmed a member on Sunday? she said Yes let's do it :) So then we had less then 1 day to prepare a baptism hahaha! It was so hectic and crazy, but a wonderful service and I was so grateful she chose me to Baptize her :) It was awesome her proper name is not Ally, it is actually Xingern Wong, :) It was soooo wonderful :) So also we have no car for a week and have to bike everywhere and it is a disgustingly long bike ride to the top of our area hahah it takes at least 1 hour at a pretty constant pace hahah!! So it's going to be fun this week haahha, It's ok, I don't mind cycling actually, I kind of enjoy it! Joe will love his mission and we are seeing so many blessings here!!!! Chelsie's Bestfriend Neve is getting baptized in 2 weeks :)

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