Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Pandas Have Bike Problems

So The last few days has been great as Always and it is already nearly the end of another Transfers, P-day is today, although we could not go to the temple, because it was closed. So week 6 is next week, So I will try and keep you updated with the Transfers to let you know what happens. The last week has really great We have been doing a lot of Finding and all, and we found some great people here yesterday, who we got a returned appointment with! We also have been teaching this guy called Tom and his Girlfriend who is from South Africa! It's funny because I always get that I'm from South Africa, the amount of times I get it!!! Well i used to work for South Africans back home anyways :)  We have been smashed with dinners lately and have been having like 2 a night hahah!!!  So It is funny as this guy we have been working with well he always knows us as 'The Pandas' because of the black and white, It really liked it when we were called the Pandas haha! With the guy and the Pandas he hated the church, he said I will never Join Hell will freeze over before I do, Next minute ends up joining hahaha! and when he used to see the missionaries, come he yell it the Pandas, run out the back door, get in his car and drive off, quite a change of heart :) he is the one we done the stop smoking with :)  So hahaha with the bikes, Bikes I'm sick of them hahaha!! it was so funny the other day I was smashing on the bicycles and then all of a sudden the pedal flies off the bike and goes across the road hahaa, have you ever tried to pedal a bike with one pedal, it's pretty difficult, I don't recommend it any time :P So my companion is doing great, he hates biking as he has had multiple crashes and he did not want to ride his bike, so i let him ride mine and he gets a flat tire it was so funny though, he was so sorry and I was just Bro it's totally fine hahah! so we have 5 bikes in the Garage, 3 of them are down 2 left standing and there are 4 of us :P )   It finny with the bikes and it's all part of the mission, but the Lord has his timing, so when the pedal came off, and we were trying to fix who but cycles around the corner with his kids, but this member, and he comes over to help us and he happens to have a tool kit on him, he said this was the first time he ever had it on him, and he just felt prompted to bring it, so he did and he fixed the pedal :) Then the next day the Pedal came off again, but this time my companion was riding the bike, but I was so far ahead off him, I turn around and could not see him any where, I just knew what had happened, so I cycle back for a while, and this random man yells 'Missionary where is your companion' I'm like I'm asking myself the same thing haha' I explained about the bike problem, then I go and find Elder Elisara and then that guy comes by with his truck puts the bikes in the  back of his truck and drives us to our appointment!!!! It's all about the Lord's timing the only people we happen to see on both different days are members : )So it was unfortunate for my companion on Monday as he was cycling, but he was not wearing his helmet, it was in his bag, for some reason he decided to wear his Asian hat, It is Like a Rice Picker hat, I'm not sure what they are called, it looked pretty interesting though, this Samoan wearing it, well the cops pull us over and as they cop is walking us to us, he is trying not laugh, well my companion ended up getting a $110 fine for not wearing his bicycle helmet, but don't worry I was wearing my helmet i always do, Safety first, even If I look ridiculous in it :P So I'm learning soooo much like It's crazy, just the amount of Spiritual Knowledge you gain on a mission is amazing!!! So I also felt like I was Dr.Phil this week, sometimes I can turn into a bit of a Dr.Phil, so we were talking and have been working with this Inactive woman and have been trying to help her with her problems, but it was really great and she felt so much better afterwards and it was so rewarding to hear her Thank us just with sincere gratitude, she expressed how she knows we are away from our family and our loved ones but that it means so much to her :)

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