Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hospital Visits

So sorry I'm emailing you late, P-day was changed to today, It was a temple P-day, but I did not get to go to the Temple again this morning, instead we have just got back from the hospital, so to start this last week we have been working as hard as we can and it  has been hectic and a lot of things have happened, like my companion broke his right hand in a bicycle accident as he answered the phone while cycling and did not pay attention to where he was going hit the side of the curb and came off pretty bad, so he will need surgery again and I say again as he had another bicycle accident and a brake in his left hand at the beginning of his mission and needed surgery for that and is still recovering, so we have been in and out of hospital over 5 times this week, so I have just been trying to serve him as well and help him in any way, also all the bikes in the garage are broken, so now we are full time..........walk hahaah :P! We now have a great laugh about his hand, my companion is doing well, it has just been a tough last week and half, nothing has really been going right, but we are still high in spirit as Georgie should be getting baptized this weekend, on Sunday the 15th of June, but everything is trying to stop this baptism from,  happening, from family opposition, to a lot of other things, we are doing are absolute best to help her and to make sure that this baptism goes through for her as she really wants to, I sat down the other afternoon with her parents and had a discussion with them and things were a lot better afterwards, but please please prayer for Georgie that this weekend will go well and that she will be baptized.  Please pray for us as well :) Also this is the last week of the Transfers, so next week is Transfers and I feel that I will be moving. But there has also been a lot of good things happening this week, we taught some really great lessons, and something that I noticed that has happened to me a lot lately is that we will visit someone and I will share a scripture with them and they just start crying and say that was exactly what I needed to hear, that was perfect that scripture was just for me, and that is awesome and I know I'm being prompted share that exact one, Out of all the scriptures and it's the one they need to hear, that was awesome :) Also outside the hospital, there was this young man and I asked him where he was from he said Afghanistan and I just started speaking Persian (Farsi) with him and that was so great, after the conversation we walked away, but then later sprinted back to me and was super excited and so happy and asked with great joy, where did you learn to speak my language' he was so impressed and happy that the effort was made, he understood everything perfectly and then we just left him with a pamphlet. It helps that Amir, who is getting baptized in a few weeks in teaching me :) So even though a lot of crazy things have happened a lot of great things have as well :) and I get to Skype home this week! Super excited about that :) That will be really great, I can't wait, I wonder what they will think of my accent? Also some good news are flat is immaculate, so clean and we had a housing inspection also this morning after the hospital and he said it is one of the cleanest I have ever been in :) but he was like, your accent, are you from South Africa? hahah! I said England, but it was really cool, also I got to speak some Afrikaans at the door this week as well :) Have a wonderful week! - Elder King 

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