Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tour De France

 P-day came so late, I have just got back from the temple, it was awesome and was a really nice time, it was the first time I have gone in a while, my new companion is great, I Love the new view of Brisbane city, honestly every time I see it, it makes me happy, especially in the sunny weather :) how is the weather in Spokane??? also the view of the city at night is amazing, I would Love for  you to be hear with me and see it, also we run up Mt. Gravatt yesterday morning, going through all these bends to get to the top, I think it is in the area Holland Park, but the view is amazing at the top and my new companion he is from Two Rocks, a Beach town in WA (Western Australia), you can stalk it for me and we will have to go there one day, the last week was great and all, i gave a talk at church to introduce myself and they want me to talk again already hahaha! I love my new ward, full of good people, I also gave a few training this week, I trained on 'Conversion' and I came up with another training yesterday 'How does our attitude, towards the Book of Mormon, affect, us, others and our Investigators' :) I have also been smashing it on the bikes, but this area is super hilly, no surprise in the name camp hill ;) I cycled 50 + miles just on Monday, i have never cycled so much up and down the hills I thought I was in the Tour De France ;) everything is going really Great, we have a baptism coming up this Sunday of Steven, he is from Uganda :) we are super excited and have been seeing him every day preparing him for his special day and all :) Also Taught this really great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I felt prompted to set a baptismal date with the man, his name is Warren, this thought just came into my head, commit him to baptism on the 14th of July, I was like 14th of July why hahahh :P but I just went with it, and committed and him and he asked why I said 14th of July, and said I not to sure why, i just know that is the day because of the Prompting I received, he said well the 14th of July is my Birthday :) It was awesome, so he said yes, and we will do are best to work with him, he has a few things he needs to sort out and all! 

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