Wednesday, 31 July 2013

First few days in Brisbane Australia!

Missionaries have transfers every 6 weeks, this means they can move areas or stay in the same area. For Sam's very first transfer he got sent to Gold Coast. It looks so beautiful there. I am so jealous! Also on Mondays are his P-days (preparation days) this is the day they can email, go shopping, play sports/games. get things they need to get done, and wear normal clothes! So I look forward to Mondays(Sundays for me) to hear from him:) Here are a few things he said just a few days after he arrived in Australia! 
June 16th 2013:
 Church for me was not bad at all the new ward is awesome :) and all is going well here on the Gold Coast :) Opening an area is interesting as there are not really a lot of members in are section so we are doing a lot of finding :) Some of the rejections we get are so crazy one guy came up to us and screamed at us 'Hail Satan' :p So weird. The people here though really friendly though :) Like just great people and I have only mainly met people from New Zealand and on the Gold Coast at least 60-70% of the popluation is from New Zealand :) I stopped this person on the street to talk to them as we do with every one she was around 20-25 from Brazil and was in Australia to learn more English i was telling her about our church and church attendance she said she is going to start coming to our church in surfers Paradise, not my area though, but still she is going to becoming to church and will hopefully end up getting baptized. We got all the details and passed them on :) So I'm going up to Brisbane again on Friday for some more missionary training! I'm going to a place called Karawatha. The Karwathta chapel is only a year old :) It is so nice you should check it out and you need to have a look at my chapel in Mudgeerba the Gold Coast Stake Center :) Also another place i cycled over is called Lake Orr. I have been working hard the last week and this week I'm going to work so hard as hard as i can! I love doing the work and I love the people! So i not noticed in the Old testament that the book of Samuel is right next to the book of 'Kings' so it is quite fitting that my name is Samuel King ;)

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