Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Almost got killed.... But dont worry! The Lord is looking out for his missionaries:)

He had a few shorter emails for a few weeks so I just combined them into this one post, hope you all like it! July 15 & July 23rd:
Spokane is definitely a lot warmer the Brisbane at the moment for sure! The weather here on the Gold Coast is so on and off at the moment one day it will be warm, but not that hot like today, then the next day will be pouring down! It gets really cold here, i have 3 blankets on my bed and I still wake up freezing some mornings!!!! Some other crazy things happened this week, This guy threatened to kill us and shot us and run us over, he was going so crazy, it was scary we had to hide behind this wall and said a quick prayer it was an intense moment!!!! but obviously all is well hahaha!!!!!!! So serving with my companion is going well :) every week we having a bit more succeeds then the last, we had to drop out baptismal date, as it is all happening to fast for her, however that same night I asked our investigator Alana who is 60 to be baptized and she said Yes :) So at the moment we are preparing her for baptism on the 18th of August :) I had another cool experience this week and on the last door we knocked on this 70yr old woman from Austria came out and said she wants to come to our church and she is coming this Sunday and i started telling her and testifying to her about the Book of Mormon and how i know it to be true and she was like that makes so much sense, i know it is true :) It was awesome!!!!! and just now on the Train back from Brisbane to the Gold Coast there were 20 of us missionaries in the group traveling and she came up to us and started crying, she is 18 and less active and has not been to church for a while, after she spoke with us, she rang someone up to arrange a ride for her to get to church this coming Sunday, so that was awesome, just to see how much of a desire that she had to want to come back to church and how she approached us, getting a person back to church and active again, is definitely just as important as bringing someone into the church!

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