Wednesday, 31 July 2013

At the MTC!

For those of you who don't know, the MTC stands for Missionary Training Center. There are a few all over the world, but the main one is in Provo Utah. This is the one Sam went to. The spend a number of weeks, 3ish if they are speaking English language, and about 6 if they are learning a foreign language, in the MTC. Here they learn about the language/ and culture they will serve in, but most importantly about what and how they will teach the people of where they are going. They spend all day every day learning. They grow so much as a person here and also have a great time! I have only heard great things about the MTC. Elder King entered the MTC on May 20th 2013. There are over 50,000 missionaries currently in the MTC so they dont get a whole lot of email time because they are all fighting for it. I know he really loves the MTC because he wrote me a few letters just telling me how much fun he is having and how much he is growing as a person and in the gospel. Here are some things he wrote to me on his first email:
May 29th 2013
 So Amery, i just wanted to also say that yesterday was just incredible as i taught a guy from Chile for 45 minutes and went over the whole restoration nearly started cried it meant so much to me and i never want to cry as i try to hold it in all the time, like when i said goodbye to you!
So I can't wait to teach him again, we ended up hugging it out, it was a great experience and also yesterday in my district so classroom, everyone was pouring out there emotions about everything and then after i was able to give my first ever blessing to this sister as she asked me for one and it was for comfort and peace as there is something bad happened to her best friends mum!, that gave me more of a testimony of the power of the priesthood, if you ever need a blessing sometime for anything I'm your man ;) ! There are only 2 English people in the MTC and I'm one of them :D I'm the only international person in the whole of the MTC going to Australia Brisbane how awesome is that :D By the way i love being a missionary, but it is hard work i do 16 hour days in the classroom! but it is so worth it!!!! 

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