Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Finally caught up to date!!

This is his last week email to me:) Im finally caught up on this blog! I promise all the future post will be way better and I will put more time into them! And maybe put some pictures up too! I hope you all are enjoying hearing about his experiences this far! I know he loves it down there, and I know this is where he is suppose to be. He loves all of you and only wants the best for you! From here on out,  I will post weekly unless something cool happens like new pictures or a cool letter or something else! Thanks everyone!
July 28 2013:
Hey Amery,
I can at least get back to you now, I just had to email the mission president and also I emailed back home, and they all seem to be doing really well :) My week to start was great, on Thursday I had one of the best days on my mission so far, and I was able to teach lesson after lesson after lesson, rushing around from appointment tot appointment, one of our investigators really progressed and that was Clinton, he has been studying witht the Jehovah Witnesses for over a year, but since meeting with us, he loves the message we are sharing we have taught him 3 lessons and last lesson went super well, he said he would deff be baptized 100% when he finds out what we are teaching is ture, he has so much faith and has really been thinking about Baptism, each lesson i have committed him to be baptized and he wants to be he just needs to get his answer, but it was a great experience i could see the change in his face as i testified his face lit up :) We got another baptism date for the 25th of August with our investigators however we got a text from her saying she wanted to continue learning, but we are not given up and are going to see her tomorrow and hopefully work with her to help progress her towards baptism and help her take that leap of faith. And are other investigator with the baptismal date of the 25th of August, we are trying to see a few times this week. The work here is going really well though and the members have been of great help to us. We went to our ward activitiy on Saturday night and it was lip sync so members signing to songs, they played One Direction 'That's what makes you Beautiful' Also after that played Justin Bieber 'One Time' I heard about the new one Direction song yesterday at church haahah :) some one told me about it because I'm from England :P I wonder if it really is the best song ever ;) It has a lot to live up to :P I will just have to wait a while to hear it :P Also i saw my first Kangaroo the other day ;) I will have to show you the picture. :) I hope you have a great rest of your week :) Love, Sam xxx

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