Wednesday, 31 July 2013

email from his companion Elder Carswell!

July 7th 2013:
I got an email from his companion that week! It was so sweet of him, and I want to share it with you guys!
Hey Amery
It's Elder King's companion here. Just writing to tell you how things are going. Elder King suggested that i should write to you and tell you a bit about what's happening. When seeing Elder King for the first time at Brisbane at the mission home, i was excited as he seemed super cool and funny.
 We have had the best time over the last 6 weeks together. he is an amazing missionary with an incredible story. I know he has touched the lives of many on his mission and he can relate to people that a lot of missionaries would struggle to. He is really funny and great to be around, however at the same time he takes the work very seriously and i commented to him that i had never seen a new missionary so dedicated and apt to the work as he is. He seems to talk about you a lot so i know that you are really special to him. I can tell that he misses you a lot. The ward loves Elder King and they are captivated by his personality not to mention his Englsih accent ahaha. He has shared his story with a number of members in the ward and i can really see the respect that they have for him. For myself i have loved being with him, his story definitely inspired me and when he told me it on the way back from the mission home in the car, i was in amazement. He has truly sacrificed a lot to be out here and i really admire his dedication. I think that the word 'passion' most accurately describes his missionary work. When we go out and knock on doors/teach investigators he does it with a passion and a real sound resolve. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great on his mission and that he is safe here in Australia. He loves the people here and he gets along with anyone ! It's crazy, i look up to him
I hope all is well
Elder Carswell

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