Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A lot to say this week!

June 30th 2013:
So this week!!! Has been great! Every week here has been getting better and better and it will be the same with this week! So We have met some really cool people this week and we were cycling by and this women stopped us on the street she was mid 20's and told us to come by sometime, so a few days later we went back to find her, we end up not finding her, so we are walking back and i say we need to try there and my companion was like if you think we should we will and we went to this random door and we knocked on it and this women in her 60's came out she used to be on channel 9 weather and and big show in America, something like 'Hey, hey it's Saturday' and she was a model champion 3 years in a row i can't remember the years though! so seemed pretty interesting and she nearly started crying as when she saw us she was like you have made my day you have made my day over and over, like she was expecting us and she could barely talk she was so happy! We felt amazing, she knew she felt the spirit strong and so did we! We have not had a chance to teach her yet but I'm going to set a baptismal date straight up, I already have asked 2 other people this week to be baptized, they are just praying about the book of Mormon and we will see what we can do :) Hopefully all will go well, I know it will just have to have faith, something i have been trying to work on a lot more lately! Then we tracked in a guy named Vince just over a week ago, he is solid, unfortunately a family member passed away and he has gone away for a month but he will phone us when he comes back :) We are also working with a guy called Tony, he is just the nicest guy! Gave me a raincoat when it was pouring down, by the way it has been so cold here and we have had non stop torrential rain, but cycling in it was fun and i got a potential we are seeing tomorrow called Wendy who must be in her 60's i just went hard at the door was bold asked her some straight up questions and she was excited for us to come back! I also went on Trade offs this week and i went out with the Zone Leader which was great and we had a good, day, got a few more potentials and all we will see!!! Then the other day we were door knocking and i walked in the gate and my companion was waiting at the gate, i checked around the corner and all was clear and then i hear this growling and this huge dogs starts chasing me i just bolt it and get out of there fast, i literally just made it! Then later we decided to go back, i know stupid right, i go in again and this time it comes back, and i get out of there just in the last sec, it was even closer then the first time! but then that alerted then owner who came out and we got a potential out of it so we will see her in the next week or so! She has a family :) I'm going to commit Tony to baptism this week I think Wednesday :) Then Saturday we has a dessert eating competition, that was awesome  :)  and yesterday I gave a talk in church about Missionary work which i loved :) It went really well this is my second talk in 3 weeks ;) I Actually want to do another :) Then after church yesterday We had dinner with a family, then I watched the Broadcast :) I loved it I can't tell you how much i have already learned here!!!! My scripture knowledge has increased like crazy already and I'm remembering many scriptures of by heart and it's all just going well! Later tonight we are teaching this girl and she came church yesterday as they guy she was with invited her, she started asking him a lot of questions so her brought her along to church yesterday, she got to see me talk yesterday which was good, his family have invited us for dinner tonight to teach her, they are 16, so after this email we are going to play basketball and meet Locke and see what we can do to help he come into the church, if all goes well we are setting a baptism date straight up, for 4th of August!

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