Sunday, 15 March 2015

See You in Three Weeks

 I'm so lucky to be here in Australia turning 21, good ol' St. Patricks day, it's a great day!! The sunshine coast is Paradise!!! It's the best, the weather is amazing, and Buderim ward is the best :) It was really Lovely as Vicki one of the recent converts, well we always see her every single Sunday at 3pm, we turned up yesterday thinking it would be like a normal Visit, however when I walked in and all, there was a lovely cake with 21 on it and the Australian flag all the way around it, and there were some people hiding in the Kitchen, and in the Garage who jumped out to say Happy Birthday, It was the nicest present, putting on an awesome surprise birthday and what not, I was soooo happy :) 

It's not been easy for me lately, I have been really struggling, emotionally and really down in the dumps as well as well as really happy, like I'm not happy, then I am, but then really I'm sad but I'm not, I'm just Numb so very Numb. Like I just don't want to leave my mission and go back, i love it here being a missionary,I have mentioned and about going back so much, but I truly do not want to leave because It's amazing, I wish I could just start over and do it all again, I love the people with all my heart,!!! We had a ward activity and it was the best it was a Mexican Fiesta, it was super sweet and all, and I got to teach my last Gospel Principles class and Brother King was like that was the best Gospel Principles class I have ever been in!!!! .

 Skyping my mum was great, I Loved it, she is the best and I'm just so blessed because of her like I'm so happy to be able to see my Mum, Dad and Sister and the rest of my family, but It is so great being here, I know you always love using the words ''Bitter Sweet'', well this is the most ''Bitter Sweet'' ever for me., I was super sweet as my family sung me happy birthday, who would have thought 21 years ago we would both survive, me and mum, I know that God lives and his Only begotten Son Jesus Christ lives, I love the scripture in D&C 76 verse 22-24. ''That He Lives''. That God has been so merciful. 
It was really interesting Skyping them, just to be like, see you in 3 weeks hhaha, So I Loved that.

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