Monday, 9 March 2015

Marching Forward in March

 Everything is going super well lately, Wow I Just am having the best time ever here and just loving it!!! I'm so happy here, the Mission is the best and going so well. We are having lots of wonderful experiences here with teaching. This week was great,  I went to a Leadership council in Brisbane with President Henderson and all the Leaders were there, it was just incredible such a great and uplifting meeting, It was super awesome and we are excited to launch the Easter Initiative, 'That he lives'' the church will be realizing it on the 27th of March. It was so awesome in the meeting, as I was standing up and saying something, President Henderson, was like, 'I Love you, I just have to give you a hug'' His Love for me since I have been serving is just incredible, he is the most Christ Like person I have ever met. It was great in the meeting as this one comment I made he was like 'Now that's revelation'' haha, he is the man, I have been able to spend a lot more time with him, we actually went to Dinner last night with President and Sister Henderson, he took out the whole of the Sunshine Coast Zone as we were the only Zone to SMASH all of our goals and all, no other Zone came close, and this is the hardest Zone in the mission, February was a great month and we are all ready Marching forward in March. I also had my last Zone Conference, yesterday it was super intense and just such a great day, then after then when we went to Dinner with President and Sister Henderson, we ended up going to a park and smashing like 50 boxes of Cost Co Pizza and drinks and Churro's. The Zone Conference was really great, we got to watch ''Meet the Mormons'' in it and I think I was like crying for half of it haha, i was really emotional during it, It hit me like a brick wall. Then after I was talking with one of the Sister Missionaries who is in Caitlyn's ward and she said Caityln was going to watch Meet the Mormons with them. so a massive shout out to CAIYTLYN, IF YOU WATCHED MEET THE MORMONS, I HOPE YOU LOVED IT, IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IT, YOU WILL LOVE, KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU AND I'M SO PROUD OF YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO  FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT MOTHER, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! So all is going super well here in the best mission in the world, what ever mission you serve in, is the best mission in the world :) the Australia Brisbane Mission, THE MIGHTY ABM, ''Australia's Best Mission'' 
Toni is doing super great and all and the kids are doing really well, we are seeing them pretty much everyday and helping Toni prepare for her special day, It's also awesome and me and Bishop get on really well, and we just found we have the same Birthday, so we will have to do something then, with Toni and the family also. 

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