Sunday, 1 February 2015

So There I Was....

So I ended up watching some of the Superbowl because I went to the Podiatrist today, to get my Toe nail checked out hahaha, remember how I said I damaged it really bad, well it is still messed up and all :P But not looking that bad, I thought I might as well go to one and get it checked as I want to make sure it is as normal as it can be. t's ok, just ugly az haha, but it adds character right??? something like that!!! it's makes a cool story, well not really, but i will make it sound cool!!! So there I was fighting this massive Crocodile............. and then just leave it at that, adds for suspense.  But in the waiting room, the SUPERBOWL was playing it was sweet!!! The Superbowl adds are always the best!!! So this week was great as well, I actually ended up getting my eyebrows shaped by getting them threaded for free, as I was walking through the shopping mall and I got stopped by a woman who was a member and was actually in Burleigh Heads ward on the Gold Coast and I explained to her, how i served there :) She was like me and my husband have just moved in and all, he is the new bishop there!!! And then she was like, I have just opened up this business and would you like your eyebrows done for free, I was like for sure!! She asked me if I have ever had it done before!! I used to at home every 6 weeks get my eyebrows either waxed or shaped, gotta love them eyebrows.  Also I went on Trade-off this week, with a really close friend of mine, he is going to come visit me up in the Burg :) So teaching this week, has been incredible, I can't even begin, to tell you how amazing Toni is, she is so excited about getting baptized, her and her kids love church. So is so grateful for the church and we brought Anthony, to a lesson with her and he is the just the man, teaches like a boss and he is just an amazing person, I Love him so much, you would think he has been in the church all his life, but only 2 months, he has progressed heaps, it is so nice to see him just loving it!!! it makes me so happy as Anthony is one of my best friends, because it is P-day, we are going to meet up with Anthony again and we are going to all make smoothies together have heaps of ice cream. Then after we are going out for burgers, then we are going to the lighthouse down in Mooloolaba and all!!! and last nice we went to Lions Park in Buderim, you should check it out it has such a great view of the ocean, lovely little park on a summer day, we did not go with Anthony, but we went with the King family and they had some friends who I have taught once before come along, it was super great!!! had a bbq, then after I played some soccer with the kids, well with my brother Benny ;) He always knows me as his big brother :) The work is going so well though!!! It's actually the last week of the Transfer!!!

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