Wednesday, 25 February 2015


So I don't know if you heard but the weather here the last week or so was was crazy there was an Earthquake further up North, then came the Cyclone,and luckily we were quite south of it, but still got hammered and there was quite a bit of flooding, I don't know if you saw the picture of me standing under the massive whole in the roof, that was in the chapel, the roof caved in and got destroyed!!! It was pretty intense, the last week was a really tough one, not just with all the other things happening, but also, that Toni, did not end up getting baptized, but we have reset the date and she will be getting baptized next Saturday, the 7th of March, the other dates we has with Gary, for the 28th, we got dropped by him and he is not interested any more and with Jacqueline for the 28th we are going to have to move her date back to sometime in March, but she is still going really well and wants to get baptized,  but still we have already seen a lot of blessings come despite these things happening, we were able to set another baptismal date with Skye for the 4th of April, and have been able to teach a lot more as well. I was also able to interview 5 people last week, the Keech family, they are from the States, and when they were living there, they moved to Utah, to St.George, and went to church for a year and no one checked to see if they were members or not, they just assumed they were and all, so they would go every single week, then they moved here to the Sunshine Coast, and they were driving in their car and saw the elders on the street and pulled up next to them and said, hey we were living in Utah for a year and no one taught us anything about the gospel, we want to learn as a family, so they started being taught, then they all got baptized, the Dad got baptized on Friday, and he was baptized by my south African friend and he has a daughter who is serving in the England London South Mission,  So i think it was super sweet that he was able to baptize him!!! :) , then he baptized his wife and their 3 children on Sunday, they are called, Edward, Maribel, Travis, Ty and Arriana Keech, the wife is from Panama, so i got to practice speaking in Spanish to her :) They are just an incredible family and I love them dearly, i met them a few months back when I first came to this area, but know they are ready and all :) and They are going to meet Toni and her kids properly, they met briefly but we will try to get them together for an activity. I also get to interview another 2 people this week, one Tomorrow and one on Friday :) It was also Elder Derhak's Birthday and all and it was a super sweet Birthday the ward was amazing and he was really looked after as well, so I was just super happy for him!!! We also should be going to the Australia Zoo next P-day, to celebrate Elder Derhak's Birthday, he just turned 19. Also It's funny as when we are teaching people we show people a picture of Jospeh Smith, and we have had a few different people say, is that 'Captain Cook' haha, it's definitely put smiles of our faces :) Well I hope you have a wonderful and great week and that all goes well.

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