Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Hello Elder King..... and Elder.....

So I hope you have been able to see the pictures from Mooloolaba beach last week when we were there and we found 'The Loo with the view'' and how there was the perfect rainbow there, like I have never seen a more perfect rainbow, it when from the sea into the sand and looking at it through some palm trees it was just amazing. So I found out some more about why this was a 8 week transfer for you, so the reason is they are trying to get all the transfers in all the missions across Australia in alignment with one another so they coincide one with another :) So this week my companion's Birthday is coming up and all, he is still only 18 at the moment!!! but it will be awesome as his Birthday falls on the Sunday!! and we have some great news!!! We moved Toni's baptism a week forward from the 28th to the 21st next Saturday at Noon, and she has asked me to Baptize Her!!!! Yay Yay Yay!!! It will be an amazing day and everyone loves Toni, so there will be heaps of people there!!!! Then Elder Derhak, will give her the Holy Ghost on Sunday, so it is awesome as he is giving her a gift on his Birthday and it is a great start to his mission and all. We Love Toni and the kids, we are actually all seeing them today at Cotton tree park at 4.30pm to play sports with them!!! The work is going so well here, we also moved Jacqueline's baptism up from the 14th of March, to the 28th of February, so a week after Toni, and we will then probably Move Gary's baptism from the 28th of February to the 1st week in March as he needs that little bit of extra time and all. And Yesterday evening we had a Pacific Wide Area Broadcast, and that was super great we had Anthony with us for it and all, I found out that, at the moment in the South Pacific, there is 127 Stakes and 35 Districts :) So the work is definitely hastening for sure in this part of the vineyard!!!! So it was also funny in the week, I was out playing some Basketball in the morning and all, and this random woman approaches me and was like can I put this Sling on you, and I was like Yea go for it hahah, I was thinking what the heck hahah, so I get this sling put on me, so was going around trying it on people as a prototype and getting there feedback on it, that same day my companion ends up with a different sling given to us by Toni for his shoulder!!! So the work is going super well here, I was on trade-off on Forest Glen on Saturday, Valentine's day and it was a great day, we just done heaps of Door knocking and all, and I ended up being able to teach with the missionary who was with my parents back home, so that was awesome being able to teach with him in a lesson together, it was an awesome experience, I don't know if you have seen the picture of us together on FB, I'm holding up a Book of Mormon next to him :) I also on Trade-off for the first time in ages so long was able to practice speaking some Persian (Farsi) This man from Afghanistan came to the door and he said to me after we had been speaking for a while, you would not be able to speak my language at all, I said try me I want to see if I can, he said you won't be able to hahah, Then he says do you speak any Persian, Next Sec I'm spitting out some Persian to him and he is so happy, I then asked him for a glass of water in it, it's a useful line as a missionary, and as soon as i asked him no hesitations or anything he just goes to the tap turns it on, and pours me a glass of water, I was so happy to at least now that it worked!!! :) Then he invited us in and we taught him :) I have also been setting other goals as well for when I get back, another one of my goals is to become a better cook :) So I also had interviews with President Henderson on Friday, it was my final interview with him and I have some exciting news for you to tell you when I get back, it is really good news :) So it was also awesome as when we were out knocking doors we met this awesome elderly couple, she had her 89th Birthday and they were so happy together it made me smile!!! and I thought of us :) It was also sweet as we got a card given to us and a big block of chocolate :) in it the card said " To Sam (Elder King) and Elder Derhan I hope you like chocolate! Thank you so much for stopping off that day to help me with my car, from Trish'' It's funny because everyone always get my companions name wrong, Derhan instead of Derhak, in fact Australians do not even try to pronounce my companions name, they are like Hello Elder King....... and Elder how are you!!! me and my companion always joke about it, these our some of the different names he gets on a daily basis ''Derhan'' ''Derhank'' ''Durbar'' ''Burhar'' That one was not even close :P ''Dererk'' just ''Dur'' and DurHawk :P we just call him elder Burhar now as that has to be the most random one!!! So a lot of great things are happening here though and all It will be a hectic and exciting week!! 

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