Monday, 13 April 2015

The Best Way to Go Out

 I could not have gone out of my mission on a better way, I was able to Baptize Toni a beautiful single mum with 5 children, last night at 7pm, there was over a 100 people at the service there to support her!! She is the best and it was the best night of my life to be able to baptize her and she was confirmed a member straight after as well. It was unreal, the best thing ever!!! I'm so happy, I'm at peace, There was nothing more in the world that i wanted then to see her get baptized and see the change in her life, to be at peace in her life, despite all what is happening and all, when she told me she feels like a daughter of God ahhh it was wonderful, I could not have had a bigger and cheekier grin on me then yesterday :) I tried to send to you a picture with her and her children I hope you got it :) 
I could not have had a better mission, being able to baptize someone I Love with all my heart on my final week and for my final Sunday to be Easter Sunday. and I'm 2nd speaker on one of the biggest and most packed Sunday's of the year and I love it, I Love speaking as you know and I'm speaking on Elder David A bednar's talk ''come and see'' which is my favorite talk out of all of them  ;) but being able to deliver something I know to be true and that has blessed me immensely, I don't know if you remembered but last week was a very important day for me, on the 25th of March 2012 and I got baptized when I was 18 and looking back on the 3 years I have been in the church, and what has been accomplished is unreal, It has been such an amazing experience thus far and will only get better to come :) 
I look back on my mission thus far and look at what has been accomplished, I baptized in every area, there was not one area where I did not baptize whether it was for 6 weeks or 6 months. I was blessed to see someone  change there life :) and now that Indian Couple who I get to meet just before I fly home and I get to present them with a Hindi book of Mormon what an honor it is to me, this Indian couple are going to be baptized on the 18th of April, and we also set another baptismal date for the 18th of April as well, and we will set a few more this week. 
I have also been so blessed looking back, to see all of my converts over the 2 years and they are all still active and solid. An amazing track record, which is usually unheard off!!! :) 
I tell you these things not to Boast, for as myself I am nothing. But the In the hands of the Lord as his Instrument, I'm something and can be used to bless people, I have always been a missionary, I will always be a missionary, It never stops and I will never stop, If you know anyone I can teach when I come to America let me know :) My missionary badge will be impressed upon me forever. This week has been the best it only gets better, I'm running through the tape. Always Learning, Always growing and progressing trying to become a better person. 
We had a great week, we were also able to save a Posom, this week, Posom's are one of my favorite animals, we were driving back it night and at the side of the road we saw a man by the road next to an animal, it looked like a cat, we flipped the car around and pulled over next to him, we walk up to him and see that it infact was a Posom and then just a pool of Blood. he was in a right state, So the Posom is still on the road and I'm diveriting all the speeding traffic around the Posom, so he does not get completely smashed, we then get a towel and pick him up move him on to the grass, we were trying to help him and we get the animal people to come out, and they collect him, to some it was just a Posom, but we knew we had to help this Posom and at the same time try to share the Gospel with this man, who was trying to help, missionary opportunities can come in all different ways!!! It's amazing, Something I also love is the word, Listen, which if you change the letters around in it you also get the word Silent, a skill that has blessed me now on ,my mission, although I love to talk heaps as well, but I know when I listen I'm able to receive that revelation to asked inspired questions!! 
I'm excited that General Conference is coming up, I hope you all love it and enjoy listening to a Living day Prophet of God, what a blessing and Privilege. I love that together we can all work as a TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More. 
This time next week, I will in the Temple with President Henderson, On Tuesday I will flying to Dubai, then London. 
This is my final departing statement to all the missionaries i will give to in the ABM, 

A is the 1st letter in the Alphabet and T is the 20th letter. If you add up all the letters in the word Attitude you get 100% Attitude develops character and to develop the character of Christ we need to give it are ALL, Elders and Sisters, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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